Sexy Rihanna Goes To Rio- Vogue’s Brazil May 2014 Cover Girl by Mariano Vivanco

Amazing Rihanna

A Stairway To Fashion

Rihanna is the cover girl of Vogue Brazil special issue for May 2014. This very special edition, celebrating the 39th birthday of the magazine, the brightest pop star of the moment appears not only on the cover, but also in an editorial photographed by Mariano Vivanco in Ilha Grande, and displays a wardrobe styled by fashion editor Yasmine Sterea. Rihanna by Mariano Vivanco for Vogue Brazil May 2014

It was the best shooting I’ve ever done,” said the singer to the photographer when the session came to an end in January. Rihanna participated in every stage of shooting: the choice of the shooting place – which went from a luxurious mansion in Angra dos Reis to a humble fishing village on Ilha Grande, in Rio de Janeiro. Rihanna by Mariano Vivanco for Vogue Brazil May 2014 Rihanna by Mariano Vivanco for Vogue Brazil…

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