„Blue” Coverall 

  This fall I choose to dress smart and sporty . Because I love fashion I also make fashion .. that’s why I decided to write about it. My hope is that in a wold full of „kardashians” to find a way to be a DIANA ! It’s not that you have to be a princess more that you have to be yourself no matter who you are . Fashion it’s a perfect toll to show the world who you are without using words ! I’m sad to see on the streets many girls that are „invisible” . I want to walk on the streets and turn my head around to see better The beauty , The style , The emotion .. It’s becoming a uniform to dress shabby and dark .. because many kids are hidding inside their clothes .. Many may argue me but I know I’m wright because I did it myself . But not anymore ! I think as we grow older we became more aware.. of our personality, of our lives . That’s why Shawn Ashmore sais that „Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality.”


 Zara – boots / Michael Kors – bag / Meli Melo – sunglasses / old necklace / red cherry lipsick from Sephora / Laura Ion – Coverall 

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