When in Solden

                                                            Blessed is the season that brings all the people together in a conspiracy of love..                                               This 1 december I choose a mountain resort in Austria , Solden . The hotel we choose is Bergland Hotel .Bergland Sölden ranks among the few, internationally renowned Design Hotels, combining ultimate 4-star superior luxury with clearly defined and modern elements. The genuine Alpine flair is refined with natural materials and fine furniture.

According to their philosophy „Active and Relaxing Pleasures” they do the best to ensure a stress-free check-in, followed by recreational moments in their marvelous suites equipped with love to the detail, and heavenly hours at the spa and wellness parlor. Well-being at its very finest! The truly varied half-board food arrangement promises ultimate culinary pleasures after an active day indoors or outdoors. We enjoy our staying there and also Chester ( our yorkie boy ) feelt amazing ❤️​​

​​​Swimwear by Laura Ion 

On top of the list : of places to see in Solden is definetly Ice Q restaurant (  http://www.iceq.at/  ) a James Bond-Spectre location 👍🏻 In December 2013, the Bergbahnen Sölden Lift Company opened a new and truly innovative restaurant on the Gaislachkogl – the area’s number one ski mountain. Unique highlights are guaranteed: top modern architecture using only local materials, gourmet specialties, suspension bridge to Gaislachkogl peak. In combination with the future-oriented Gaislachkogl mountain gondola, this culinary summit spot stands for a multi-functional and absolute barrier-free gourmet temple at 3048 meters above sea level!​​

Heart sweater by Laura Ion​      In the middle of this frozen winter I found the fire in my heart !Swimwear by Laura Ion Tips : All you need for a trip like this is a pair of Uggs , a big parka jacket , a pair of jeans , a nice beanie ,  warm sweaters and of course swimmwear 😉 

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