Miami 2019

As you all know last year we choose to celebrate New Year Eve in Miami! We loved it so much, that this year we also choose Miami! For those who haven’t been there yet I totally recommend the Miami experience. In 2018 we choose to go to Nikki beach for New Year’s Eve and this year we choose a rooftop in Miami Downtown. Enjoy my story in pictures and videos! And also I’m going to leave here a link to Alina Ceausan’s YouTube account where you can see the full video with our trip to Miami.
First stop : Orange Blossom
Day 2 : Hotel Delano Lunch New Year’s Eve night : Rooftop Hotel SLS Midnight stop : Five Guys PS : they also have Vegetarian options ! 1.01. 2019 Also Orange Blossom👌🏻 When in Miami you have to drive a muscle car, American muscle car ! In Our case a Mustang 🐎 Dinner out: Joe’s crab it’s a must when in Miami Beach Last stop in Miami: Bubba Gump My face when I see food 😅OMG !!!LOL Off we go to Punta Cana! That’s all for now! See you in my next article : Punta Cana Escape 2019 ! Love LI ❤️

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