Amalfi Coast

This year for first of may we choose to visit Amalfi Coast ! It’s been on my wish list for so long and now I finally got the chance to go there. Hello Positano ! What a magical place you are .. The vibe, the people, the views .. We stayed in Montemare Hotel and we had a beautiful room with a magical view . Perfectly situated on a hill between the craggy cliff tops and the glinting Mediterranean Sea, HVF Villa Franca Positanois romantic Italy at its most ravishing. With the picturesque cobbled piazzas of Positano and two blissful beaches just steps away, this stylish hilltop retreat offers the chance to check out from reality and absorb the glamor and gorgeousness of the ever-enchanting Amalfi Coast. A cool calm envelops this Italian idyll where bewitching coastal beauty dominates the window views and pines and citrus scent the air.

Whether dining on the restaurant terrace, sipping a cocktail by the rooftop pool or getting pampered in the spa, Hotel Villa Franca exudes authentic Italian elegance. Once a private residence, this boutique hotel has been artfully refashioned. Its airy and bright luxury suites draw inspiration from the surrounding environment, with locally made majolica tiles helping to incorporate a sense of spirit and place into the setting. What’s more, the depth of service offered by the staff continues to set hospitality standards for the region.

We also visit Capri, a beautiful island located in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the Sorrentine Peninsula on the south side of the Gulf of Naples in the Campania region of Italy. I really wanted to go to Naples to taste the „best pizza” in the world ! Everybody knows that pizza was born here in Naples. This place is Pizzeria L’Antica da Michele you can find only two kinds of pizza : Marinara and Margherita . The texture of the pizza is light – a soft, thin base with small char-grilled notes from the oven without any crispiness. What differentiates this place to the other traditional pizzerias in Naples is that they drizzle sunflower oil onto the pizza instead of olive oil.

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